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Solutions-Driven New Development Consulting and Marketing.

Since the mid-2000s, the Rahmé Team has been involved with the successful marketing of new developments in buildings ranging from townhouse conversions to mid-sized new constructions throughout Brooklyn and our Compass New Development Team is comprised of the industry’s best who have successfully marketed hundreds of billions in new development homes, including high-rises throughout NYC.  The Rahmé Team’s solutions-driven approach results in prices that are often the highest in class for the area, on an average price per square foot basis.  Some examples include:

957 Pacific Street – 28 Unit Condominium for Sale

Completed in 2008 

Crown Heights/Prospect Heights

This building was completed during the Great Recession as part of a collection of six buildings that share amenities. It was only a block from Prospect Heights so the sponsor had planned for Prospect Heights pre-recession pricing, but when the building was completed the market was at an all-time low and since it is classified as Crown Heights on real estate search sites it was not showing up on buyer searches. We held various events, including an Art Walk featuring local artists and businesses, which attracted over 500 attendees in one day from other parts of NYC who might otherwise not have come to this part of Brooklyn at the time and sold out the building.

1311 Pacific Street – 32 Unit Condominium for Sale

Completed in 2010 

Crown Heights

The building lacked product mix because the units were all identical 600SF studios, we were just starting to come out of the Great Recession so buyer confidence and savings were low, and the neighborhood was a tough sell at the time.   We (1) partnered with IKEA for furniture, flooring, and kitchen cabinetry to create 6 distinct styles and offered glass sliding dividers so the units could function as 1 or 2 bedrooms; (2) got the building certified for FHA loans and held regular home buying seminars; and (3) hosted events for prospective buyers and neighbors to connect, receiving the support of a local councilmember, and becoming the first new development to be included in the Crown Heights House Tour.

834 Sterling Place

54 Unit Condominium for Sale and Rent

Completed in 2015

Crown Heights

The building is on an unattractive block that was a deterrent for customers and the oversized external hallways that double as terraces required people to cross through the terrace of other residents to get to the elevator. We (1) connected prospective buyers and renters with nearby residents who provided positive testimonials for the area and (2) recommended planters to create separation and privacy between the external hallway and individual terraces.

651 New York Avenue

0 Units for Rent and Sale

Completed in 2016

Prospect Lefferts Gardens

The majority of the units lacked closets and Prospect Lefferts Gardens was gaining popularity, the property was right on the cusp of Flatbush and showed up on real estate listing sites as Flatbush or Wingate.  We (1) recommended and oversaw the installation of IKEA Pax Wardrobes in the units that did not have closets and (2) held events featuring local restaurants and live entertainment to attract customers and agents from other neighborhoods and we targeted employees and students at the nearby Kings County Hospital and SUNY Downstate. 

2217 Caton Avenue – 29 Units for Rent 

Completed in 2010 


The property is situated at the intersection of Bedford and Caton with two addresses and was marketed by another firm under the Bedford address, which is known to be a busy street. This was also one of the first new developments in Flatbush at a time when the market was still recovering from the Great Recession so the neighborhood was not on the radar of renters with budgets in this price range.  We rebranded the marketing with the Caton address and targeted Manhattan commuters by focusing on the easy access to the City.

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The principals of the Rahmé Team remain involved in every transaction, and foster a culture of collaboration between team members, to offer clients and listings a competitive edge.
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