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Kaeppler Rissmann

Kaeppler  Rissmann

Kaeppler Rissmann

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Get to Know Me

Kaeppler seamlessly blends a diverse background in leadership, project management, and global experiences to offer clients a uniquely tailored real estate journey.

Kaeppler has a rich history of community engagement, having served as the past Treasurer and current President of the Parent Association as well as Chair of the Parent Marketing Committee at German School Brooklyn. In this role, she demonstrates unwavering dedication to fostering a supportive community environment. Translating her exceptional leadership skills, Kaeppler brings a collaborative approach to real estate, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for buyers searching for their perfect homes.

Drawing on her extensive experience as a Project Manager, Kaeppler successfully spearheaded the renovation of her family's Crown Heights brownstone. Meticulous planning and a keen attention to detail define her work, ensuring that every aspect of the project is executed with precision. This invaluable expertise is now at your service, as Kaeppler applies her project management skills to navigate your real estate journey, promising a seamless and transformative experience.

With a remarkable 15-year tenure managing financial products, Kaeppler has honed her skills in understanding and meeting clients' needs. This experience equips her with a unique perspective on financial considerations in real estate transactions, allowing her to provide insightful guidance to clients seeking both residential and investment properties.

Having lived in South Korea, England, and Germany, Kaeppler boasts a global perspective that profoundly influences her approach to real estate. Whether it's navigating the bustling streets of Seoul, appreciating the charm of English towns, or understanding the efficiency of German cities, Kaeppler comprehends the diverse housing needs of individuals and families. She stands ready to guide you in finding a home that resonates with your unique preferences, combining her cultural fluency with an understanding of local real estate markets.

A proud US Air Force Veteran with overseas service in South Korea, Kaeppler Rissmann brings a commitment to discipline and dedication to her real estate practice. Leveraging her military background, Kaeppler is determined to deliver precision and excellence in helping you find your ideal home or property.

Fluent in both English and German, Kaeppler ensures effective communication and a seamless experience for clients from diverse linguistic backgrounds. With her unique blend of leadership, project management, financial acumen, global perspective, and military discipline, Kaeppler is your expert guide in the complex world of real estate, dedicated to making your property journey a resounding success.

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