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Bay Ridge/Fort Hamilton

Arriving in Bay Ridge can feel like a step back in time; independent businesses still thrive in this waterfront community devoid of towering developments and downtown hustle.

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Bay Ridge:

From the American Revolution to “Saturday Night Fever,” these quiet hills have seen it all.
Bay Ridge’s geography has lent it a unique place in American history. The site of Fort Hamilton, named for the newly hip Founding Father, saw action in the American Revolution, as well as the War of 1812 and the Civil War. By the mid 19th century, the rolling hills and vistas drew some of New York’s wealthiest residents to build on Shore Rd. The 20th century saw the arrival of a subway train and with it, apartments and waves of residents from around the world. Known to many as the setting for “Saturday Night Fever,” the neighborhood now boasts a diverse population, including families that have called the area home for generations.

What to Expect:

A diverse, well-maintained waterfront community with a calm, suburban feel.
Wander around Bay Ridge — and it invites you to wander — and you’ll find inviting parks, epic views, proud homes and beloved mom-and-pop shops.

The Lifestyle:

Unpretentious and family-oriented. Everyone has their own favorite mix of local spots.
A diverse mix of families calls this area home, so there’s great variety in the restaurants, shops and bars. Residents make good use of the local parks for dog walking — and multigenerational celebrations.

Unexpected Appeal:

The lack of gentrification.
With relatively long commutes to Manhattan, Bay Ridge hasn’t seen the gentrification affecting other parts of Brooklyn. The result is affordability (in housing, and in movie tickets), thriving family-owned businesses and a slower speed. There are a number of chain stores for convenient shopping.

The Market:

Reasonably priced single- and multi-family homes, plus some co-ops and truly extraordinary properties.
Most of the real estate buzz goes to a few epic homes that are among New York’s priciest (think a villa with a pool and a historic 29,000 square foot Greek Revival property). But for the most part, you’ll find single- and multi-family row houses and apartments with pricing below Brooklyn averages.

You'll Fall in Love With

Quiet, local living on the waterfront.
Whether you’re taking in the views from Shore Rd. or shopping on 4th Ave., you’ll get the big sky and friendly calm of a well-established ocean-side town. There’s real breathing room here; it’s a long way from midtown Manhattan — both physically and in feel.

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